The Guardian

23th January 2017

Festival Circulation(s)

18th January 2017

As of this Saturday, a part of ‘Traces’ project will be exhibited on Festival Circulation(s) in Paris

PHOTOGRAPHY II – Medium in New Ways

5 January 2017

‘Traces’ in ALAN İstanbul gallery. The collective exhibition NEW PHOTOGRAPHY II – Medium in New Ways

pursuits basic questions about new possible ways of story telling and the limits of photography.

LensCulture Emerging Talents

8 December 2016

I’m really happy to be one of the Winners of Emerging Talents Awards!


Spiegel Online

18 September 2016

In conversation with Lisa Srikiow I tell about my project Traces.

Wysokie Obcasy

21 August 2016

Interview in Polish magazine Wysokie Obcasy.,80530,20565806,wiekszosc-rzeczy-ktore-robimy-zwiazana-jest-z-tym-ze-nie.html

Prix Levallois

21 May 2016

I’ve been shortlisted for the Levallois Prize!


10 May 2016

Marks / ShowOFF exhibition / 14.05-12.06.2016