28th October 2018

Bodyfiction exhibition / ZOYA Gallery, Bratislava / 31.10-30.11 2018

Unseen Amsterdam

18th September 2018

I’ll be showing my new works during Unseen fairs in Amsterdam.
and join us at Jednostka gallery booth, 21-23 September

Artist talk: The Photographers’ Gallery

1st August 2018

This Friday I’ll be talking about my work in conversation with Max Houghton
3rd August 18:30  /// The Photographers’ Gallery, London

I remember my birth

15th July 2018

Opening of my exhibition I remember my birth 
19th July /// Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art
The exhibition will be open till 26th August

Family Values: Polish Photography Now

23th May 2018

Family Values: Polish Photography Now is the UK’s first exhibition devoted to Polish photography.
It amplifies themes of identity, home and family in the context of social and political change.
Coinciding with the centenary of Polish independence, the project looks at the end of the Communist era
and the contemporary art scene.
The exhibition is curated by Kate Bush.
Artists: Aneta Bartos, Weronika Gęsicka, Aneta Grzeszykowska, Adam Palenta, Józef Robakowski i Zofia Rydet.
Calverts 22 Foundation /// 25 May – 22 July 2018

Foam Talent in Frankfurt

20 May 2018

Foam Talent Exhibition in Frankfurt
For the first time in Germany, the Frankfurter Kunstverein presents the internationally renowned,
showcase exhibition Foam Talent in collaboration with Foam.
FRANKFURTER KUNSTVEREIN  /// 24 May – 26 August 2018

Foam Talent in London

14th May 2018

Foam Talent Exhibition in London!
Beaconsfield Gallery Vauxhall /// 16 May – 10 June 2018

PDN Photo Annual

2nd May 2018

My book Traces among winners of PDN Photo Annual 2018!

Foam Talent

20th March 2018

Foam Talent exhibition in New York
22 March – 8 April /// Red Hook Labs

Foam Talent Exhibition

1st September 2017

Foam Talent exhibition at Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam. The show features 20 young international
artists selected through the annual Talent Call. Among others – my project Traces.

Foam Magazine

20th August 2017

Now you can buy Foam Magazine featuring the work of 20 young artists selected through Foam Talent Call.
On the cover – my photo from the series ‘Traces’!

Foam Talent

29th June 2017

I’m one of the winners of Foam Talent


Belfast Photo Festival

28th June 2017

Great news from Belfast – I’m the winner of this year’s Spotlight Award!


Festival Circulation(s)

18th January 2017

As of this Saturday, a part of ‘Traces’ project will be exhibited on Festival Circulation(s) in Paris

PHOTOGRAPHY II – Medium in New Ways

5 January 2017

‘Traces’ in ALAN İstanbul gallery. The collective exhibition NEW PHOTOGRAPHY II – Medium in New Ways

pursuits basic questions about new possible ways of story telling and the limits of photography.

LensCulture Emerging Talents

8 December 2016

I’m really happy to be one of the Winners of Emerging Talents Awards!


Wysokie Obcasy

21 August 2016

Interview in Polish magazine Wysokie Obcasy.,80530,20565806,wiekszosc-rzeczy-ktore-robimy-zwiazana-jest-z-tym-ze-nie.html

Prix Levallois

21 May 2016

I’ve been shortlisted for the Levallois Prize!


10 May 2016

Marks / ShowOFF exhibition / 14.05-12.06.2016